Neither Here Nor Hair


Neither Here Nor Hair is heartfelt comics anthology by 14 Australian creators about their relationships with hair (of all kinds). From hilarious to gut-punching, exploring our cultural norms and sometimes rejecting them, 14 creators come together for this sincere, insightful collection of comics drawn from the creator’s own lives, edited and published by Alisha Jade/Petrie Press.

Featuring comics from:

  • Sarah Catherine Firth
  • Ele Jenkins
  • Emma Jean
  • Leonie Brialey
  • Alex E Clark
  • Claire Murray
  • Michel Gerencir
  • Alyce Sarich
  • Natalia Zajaz
  • Soolagna Majumdar
  • Danikah Harrison
  • Sarah W Searle
  • Alisha Jade

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